More song samples coming soon!

In the meantime, here are a few songs written by Joseph:

The song Three Little Words from the musical The Littlest Rockette is based on a lyric by Jenne Wason, a New York-trained author. The very lovely voice you hear is Laura Nielsen of London, Ontario, in the role of Loretta.

1. Gabriel was chosen to be one of four songs from the group awi  that were selected to be on Windsor's Société Radio-Canada (French-language version of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Windsor's compilation called Le Sud-ouest en musique et chansons. (This is a more recent recording.)

2. Un p'tit bout de rien (A little bit of nothing) was written by Joseph after the title was sent in as one of the songs to be performed at Contact Ontarois--the franco-ontarien showcase or "meat market" as Joseph has often called it. It was also chosen for SRC Windsor's compilation CD.